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The Government has committed to refreshing Plan Melbourne, the plan for our city to 2050, to ensure it accurately reflects community and expert priorities and advice.

A transparent and consultative review process will produce a renewed Plan Melbourne that provides the long-term vision for Victoria's growing population. This will include identifying further housing opportunities and alternatives, increasing jobs and improving liveability, dealing with a changing climate, integrating public transport and supporting infrastructure investment.

As one of the early steps of the Plan Melbourne refresh process the government has released the public submissions made on the draft of Plan Melbourne with the exception of those made on a confidential basis.

Download the Plan Melbourne Refresh Fact Sheet (PDF 528.4 KB)

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Download the Summary of Submissions report (DOCX 354.3 KB)

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News & Events

  • Ministerial Advisory Committee

    The Ministerial Advisory Committee (The Committee) charged with informing the original draft Plan has been reconvened to address a number of issues and matters omitted from Plan Melbourne.