Plan Melbourne focuses strongly on implementation to achieve better governance, planning, regulation and funding options.

It is an action-orientated strategy that contains well over 300 specific actions that are short (2014-2017), medium (2017-2025) or long term (2025-2050) in scope. Each action has been allocated to a government department or agency as their responsibility.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority was established in 2013 to drive the implementation of Plan Melbourne plan for the future structure of precincts and coordinate efforts across government departments and agencies. It is already working closely with councils, through five new subregions which have been created to help coordinate planning and infrastructure at a local government level.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning,  which is tasked with creating liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities, will coordinate the delivery of Plan Melbourne‚Äôs actions.

A series of regulatory and legislative initiatives simplify the planning approvals process, making it more transparent, certain and efficient. Important changes have already been implemented including commercial, industrial, residential and rural zone reform and the VicSmart planning assessment process.

A comprehensive monitoring framework is being put in place to ensure progress on Plan Melbourne is maintained and reported.

Monitoring Framework

To successfully deliver Plan Melbourne we need a monitoring framework that is transparent, reliable, can monitor implementation of actions and can identify changes in outcomes in the city over time.

Directions, Initiatives and Actions

View the directions, initiatives and actions contained within Plan Melbourne

Implementation Partners

Plan Melbourne implementation partners



Last updated: 20 Oct 2015