Plan Melbourne

Plan Melbourne Refresh Front Cover

Plan Melbourne is the Victorian Government’s metropolitan planning strategy, guiding how Melbourne will grow and change to 2050. It is a strategy to house, employ and connect people to jobs and services, closer to where they live. It aims to ensure that while Melbourne grows, its best features are protected and enhanced.

The Plan Melbourne refresh discussion paper (PDF 3.3 MB) or (DOCX 187.7 KB) was released in October 2015  along with the Plan Melbourne 2015 Review Report (PDF 1.9 MB) by the Ministerial Advisory Committee, which outlined recommendations to secure a long term and enduring planning strategy.

Submissions were received during an eight-week consultation and engagement period from October to December 2015 seeking feedback from stakeholders and community with particular focus on the issues that were not adequately addressed in Plan Melbourne 2014 including climate change, energy efficiency, housing affordability and diversity and transport priorities.

The future housing supply and affordability of housing, how the city should better integrate climate change and improve energy efficiency in planning. The refresh is not a comprehensive review of Plan Melbourne, most of which enjoys bipartisan support.

The Victorian Government is committed to a transparent process to ensure the revised planning strategy reflects community advice and input.

Submissions to Plan Melbourne refresh and the Summary of submissions report are now available on the Plan Melbourne refresh submissions page.

The Plan Melbourne refresh Summary of submissions report highlights the key trends and summarises the feedback received from a broad range of community and stakeholders including peak bodies, community groups, the development and building industries, local government, universities and think tanks and individual community members.

Capire Consulting prepared a report outlining the feedback received from the consultation workshops and online engagement activities also available on the Plan Melbourne refresh submissions page.

A revised Plan Melbourne is being finalised and will be incorporated into Planning Schemes. In the meantime Plan Melbourne 2014 remains the current planning policy.



Last updated: 01 Dec 2016