Strategic Principles

Guiding the development of Plan Melbourne

Nine strategic principles were identified and have helped guide the development of Plan Melbourne, in particular the discussion paper

The strategic principles are:

Social and economic participation

Plan Melbourne should support good access to housing, jobs, education, health services and recreation and leisure opportunities.

A globally connected and competitive city

Melbourne's economy is inextricably linked to the global economy through trade, people and the flow of information and ideas. Melbourne needs to improve its productivity to be a globally connected and competitive city.

Strong communities

The building blocks of successful cities are a combination of strong and cohesive communities and the values communities place on their local area.

Environmental resilience

Managing energy and water use, protecting our green spaces, environmental and infrastructure assets and natural resources will help Melbourne manage climate risks and respond to extreme weather events.

Melbourne’s distinctiveness

Development needs to maintain the distinctiveness of Melbourne as a whole and the valued aspects of its local areas.

Leadership and partnership

Plan Melbourne needs to engage and work with the market, local government, business and communities; they are the key partners in delivering Victoria’s future.

Regional cities and a polycentric city model

Reinforcing the role of employment in selected activity clusters in suburban Melbourne and in regional centres can make the most of infrastructure and support economic growth.

Living and working locally – a '20 minute' city

Delivering accessible, safe, convenient and attractive local areas where daily needs can be met with around 20 minutes travel.

Infrastructure investment supporting the growth of the city

Integrating land use and transport means ensuring infrastructure supports sustainable land use patterns and drives productivity.

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Last updated: 23 Jun 2014