Background Fact Sheets

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People - Changing demographics and preferences

People Fact Sheet (PDF - 820KB)

People Fact Sheet (DOC - 18KB)

Housing - The houses we build and our changing needs

Housing Fact Sheet (PDF - 657KB) 

Housing Fact Sheet (DOC - 20KB)

Transport - How we travel and our future demands

Transport Fact Sheet (PDF - 666KB)

Transport Fact Sheet (DOC - 18KB)

Economy - Where we work and changing industries

Economy Fact Sheet (PDF - 798KB) 

Economy Fact Sheet (DOC - 19KB)

Freight - Movement and future demands of goods and services

Freight Fact Sheet (PDF - 738KB) 

Freight Fact Sheet (DOC - 17KB)

Infrastructure - The networks supporting the city and future needs

Infrastructure Fact Sheet (PDF - 650KB) 

Infrastructure Fact Sheet (DOC - 19KB)

Communities - Values, design and providing choice

Communities Fact Sheet (PDF - 912KB)

Communities Fact Sheet (DOC - 18KB)

Environment - Victoria's natural assets and sustainable future

Environment Fact Sheet (PDF - 1.1MB)

Environment Fact Sheet (DOC - 19KB)

Peri-Urban - The roles and functions of Melbourne's peri-urban areas

Peri-Urban Fact Sheet (PDF - 651KB)

Peri-Urban Fact Sheet (DOC - 19KB)

Regional - Regional connections and potential

Regional Fact Sheet (PDF - 1.4MB)

Regional Fact Sheet (DOC - 19KB)

Data and Sources 

Fact Sheet Data and Sources (PDF - 798KB)

Fact Sheet Data and Sources (DOC - 47KB)




Last updated: 12 Mar 2015