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A cooler greener Melbourne

A cooler, greener Melbourne

Victoria is the fastest growing state in Australia and is expected to support at least 10 million people by 2051, with 8 million living in Melbourne. The city’s growth, in combination with climate change, presents complex challenges to ensure Melbourne becomes more sustainable as it grows. Cooling and greening Melbourne, and increasing sustainability and resilience through green infrastructure, is a priority for the Victorian Government.

We need to plan for green infrastructure the same way we do for gray infrastructure to enhance urban amenity and quality, improve landscape connectivity and build resilience to climate change. These more liveable outcomes will be achieved by protecting existing green spaces, creating new opportunities for urban greening, improving water-sensitive urban design, greening buildings (roofs, facades and walls), and increasing permeable surfaces.

The Victorian Government has identified the importance of green infrastructure to create more liveable and climate-adapted communities. Our approach is outlined in our key strategic policies and plans highlighted below.

More information on the Cooler, Greener Melbourne Project can be found at