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A networked state of cities and regions

Continuing to invest in regional Victoria

Continuing to invest in regional Victoria will support housing and economic growth, enhance social and economic participation and grow strong, healthy communities. 

Growing regional cities will have stronger local labour markets and be better placed to sustain local employment as well as regional scale services such as hospitals and universities. They will also provide Victorians with more choices about where they want to live and work. 

Creating high-quality freight and passenger transport connections between Melbourne and regional Victoria, and interstate and overseas, will also facilitate the growth and competitiveness of the regions.To achieve this aim, transport travel times between regional cities and central Melbourne need to be cut substantially. 

Development in regional Victoria will need to be in keeping with the character, attractiveness and amenity of individual cities and towns. It will also need to be balanced with protecting productive land, economic resources and biodiversity assets that are critical to the state's economic and environmental sustainability.


Download Outcome 07 of the Plan Melbourne document in either full resolution PDF or in an accessible RTF document.

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