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Housing choice and affordability

Melbourne provides housing choice in locations close to jobs and services

Optimising choices and affordability for all Melburnians is key to Plan Melbourne.

People need to be able to live closer to jobs, public transport and services. This will encourage more people to walk or cycle, reduce travel times and our greenhouse gas emissions, delivering a more sustainable outcome for the city.

Demographic changes will also mean there'll be a need for more diverse housing for different household types and lifestyles.

It's also important to define areas where housing growth will occur. These areas will experience significant, but planned housing and population change compared to other parts of Melbourne and regional Victoria and will require new or enhanced services and infrastructure.

Increasing the supply of social and affordable housing is also vital—so that no one is left behind.

The greater the diversity of Melbourne's housing, the greater diversity of its people.


Download Outcome 02 of the Plan Melbourne document in either full resolution PDF or in an accessible RTF document.

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